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rRomanian Mini Twists with Jam Recipe

Mini twists with Jam

These mini twists with Jam are the best little snack to treat your guests of all ages and preferences! Simply fill them with your favorite jam or even add in your own twist by experimenting with other fillings such as chocolate, caramel, or peanut butter!  Enjoyed this Romanian Mini twists with Jam Recipe? View more …

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Romanian snow white cakes Recipe

Show White Cakes

Contrasting so well especially when plated alongside our Romanian brownies listed below, these vanilla, lemon and coconut (nicknamed snow white cakes ) are going to impress you from the first bite! Their soft and creamy texture is certainly going to win you over and even make you forget about your troubles.  Enjoyed this Romanian Snow …

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Romanian Fanta Cake recipe

Fanta Cakes

This name ‘Fanta Cakes’ sounds strange, doesn’t it? This is certainly a unique recipe that I encourage everybody to try at least once. With the perfect brownie bottom, contrasted with sweet but slightly sour cream cheese and topped with a Fanta jelly, this is a treat many Romanians remember from their childhood. It is hard …

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These are Traditional Romanian meatballs rolled in cabbage, also known as a Sarmale Recipe. They are delicious, full of flavor and you have to try them. Here is the Traditional Romanian recipe. Pin Print Pork Sarmale Cuisine: RomanianDifficulty: MediumServings 10 servingsPrep time 60 minutesCooking time 180 minutes Ingredients 2 kgground pork with fat 500 gramsground …

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PAPANAŞI with fruit

Interested in trying a Papanasi with fruit jam recipe? They are easy to make and you have to try them. Here is the Traditional Romanian recipe. Pin Print Papanasi with Fruit Cuisine: RomanianDifficulty: EasyServings 10 servingsPrep time 10 minutesCooking time 15 minutes Ingredients 500 gramsSweet Cottage Cheese 100 gramsSugar 350 gramsFlour 2Eggs 2 sachetsVanilla Sugar …

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Mulled Wine

There is nothing extraordinary in the Mulled Wine recipe, we often did it intuitively – we mixed the wine with sugar and cinnamon, in the simplest case, and that was it. But if you want a more exemplary wine with more diverse spice aromas and orange slices, I say consider this recipe. The wine comes …

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