Indonesian Recipes are extremely functional, and cooking is easy and relaxing. 

There is a great openness to new ingredients and dishes, there are no strict rules, no “wrong” or “right” ingredients, it goes without saying that most dishes start with a spice paste flavored with hot peppers. In addition, Street food is popular in cities, and the assortments offered by vendors are varied.

In many households, a large pot of rice is cooked every morning, along with 3-4 other dishes. The rice is often partially boiled and drained, then left to steam in the pot until fluffy. This allows the cook to keep the rice warm for long periods, while the other dishes, which often include fish, or meat, vegetables and sambal, are put on the table and left there all day for people to serve themselves for lunch or dinner. Rice is the main food, and the other dishes are added in small quantities to give it taste and aroma.

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