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Discover International Cuisines

Discover Delicious International Cuisines 

Are you a long way from home or maybe just want to explore cuisines? Look no further!


TheMunchLand offers a high-quality selection of traditional food guides with unique tips and tricks so that your dish will impress even the pickiest eaters.


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Romanian Cuisine

From delicious and meaty Sarmale to desserts like Rice Milk Pudding, and even Mulled Wine; our Romanian food selection is sure to surprise you with a mouthful of traditional flavor!

Romanian Papanasi
Vietnamese food

Vietnamese Cuisine

Vietnamese cuisine is not only about food, but this is a natural culture formed in life. These foods are known for their characteristics such as sociability, diversity, low fat, rich flavors. The skillful combination of many different ingredients and spices helps increase the taste and attractiveness of each dish.

Dutch Cuisine

Bitterballen, cheeses, Erwtensoep, Hollandse Nieuwe, Stamppot are some of the Dutch dishes that will conquer you instantly. Whether you live in the Netherlands or are just visiting it, you need to take advantage of this opportunity and discover the local gastronomy. 

Dutch food
Indonesian food

Indonesian Cuisine

Cooked with exotic spices according to old recipes and known only to the locals, food is one of the ways you can better understand Indonesian culture, so if you get through this corner of the world, browse here all the delicious dishes.

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