Romanian food blog dishes you need to try on your next visit!

Experience the flavor – Romanian dishes you need to try on your next visit!

You have surely heard of Dracula and Transylvania. But, how about Romanian dishes? Romanian food is very diverse and worth trying.

Firstly, Traditional Romanian dishes are influenced by surrounding regional cuisines. These influences include Balkan, Turkish, Serbian, German, and Hungarian. Therefore, you are in for a rich and flavorful time. In addition, Romanian food is filling and very delicious.

Main courses

  • Sarmale – a popular Romanian dish is Sarmale (cabbage rolls). This main course is prepared with minced pork, rice, onions, and mixed with spices. In addition, the mix is rolled in cabbage leaves and boiled in a special tomato juice sauce. The iconic Romanian flavor takes hours to create. Furthermore, vine leaves are a very popular replacement for cabbage in some parts of Romania. This Romanian dish is served along with sour cream and hot mămăligă.
  • Mămăligă (Poleta) – this simple side dish is made by boiling cornflour in water with a pinch of salt and a few sunflower oil drops. It is served along Sarmale, or on its own with sour cream and cheese. In addition, this combination has its name as “Bulz”, Shepard’s addition to Romanian dishes.

  • Mici – or Grilled Minced Meat Rolls, can truly be smelled from miles away. In addition, this makes it extremely popular at summer barbeques and birthday parties. This Romanian dish is juicy on the inside, crispy on the outside, and you can try it with only mustard and bread.
  • Ciorbă de burtă – also known as Beef Tripe Soup, is a bold and brave experience during your visit. Moreover, his soup is delicious if you want to deepen your knowledge of Romanian flavor. On a fun note, this Romanian dish is the ultimate hangover remedy!


  • Cozonac – this Traditional Romanian dessert is present at every holiday. However, preparing this treat can be a challenge. The process is long although the result is worth the trouble. This Romanian dish is a sweet bread filled with sweet walnut paste, Turkish delight, and raisins.
  • Papanași – Just like any dessert, Papanași makes you ask for more. This treat is very popular among all Romanians. It is a mixture of cottage cheese and semolina mixture. This mixture is deep-fried and covered in sour cream and blueberry jam. This combination of tastes is a complete thrill for your tongue!

The wrap-up

In conclusion, Romanian dishes are here to leave a good impression. Even more, if you like sour soups, juicy meat rolls, or sweetbreads. Feel free to experiment with our recipes and re-create Romanian dishes at home!

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