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Food for an abundant New Year – Romanian New Year culinary traditions and superstitions!

The night of December 31 is the special night that makes the transition between the years. With a special meaning for all of us, New Year’s Eve is also unique thanks to the culinary dishes served in any corner of the world. Over time, there have been many superstitions and customs induced by this transition, both related to various activities and food. Here’s what to eat on New Year’s Eve and what NOT to eat on New Year’s Eve according to Romanian cuisine!

Food you should eat on New Year’s Eve

  1. Eat fish – it is said that as the fish swims through the water, so you will swim through all the troubles of the next year, without affecting you. Some say that fish should be the first food you eat in the New Year

  • Eat goose meat – It will help you float through problems and move towards your goal, as the goose does

  • On New Year’s Eve you have to eat grapes; Nibble from a bunch of grapes, bean by bean, 12 at a time. When you reach the 12th bean, make a wish for money. Grapes and raisins symbolize financial abundance

  • Drink champagne at 12 at night in order to have an abundant future. It can also be sparkling wine. It is important to drink the glass to the end and all the wishes for the new year will be fulfilled
  • On New Year’s Eve, it is advisable to have as many round fruits in the house as possible. It is said that the spherical shape is associated with infinity, continuity. If you have round fruit in the house on New Year’s Eve, it is said that you increase your chances of success in the New Year

  • Pomegranates are eaten on New Year’s Eve. It is a tradition originating in Turkey, but also followed by Romanians. Pomegranate is red, and the color symbolizes the heart of a healthy person. Moreover, doctors recommend consuming pomegranates due to their beneficial health effects.

Food and actions you should AVOID on New Year’s Eve

  1. Don’t eat chicken – You can put almost anything on the New Year’s table, except chicken dishes. Why? It is said that this bird chases away luck with its cackling and pulls you into the past by the fact that it skirmishes with its claws.

  2. Do not wash clothes, sew, knit or sweep – You don’t have to sweep on December 31st or January 1st. Romanian Traditions say that with the dust you will throw your luck out of the house! If you sew, you will tie your luck with your needle and thread; if you use scissors, you will chop it; and if you wash clothes, the drops that drip from them will turn into tears on your cheek… so don’t forget to rest!


The wrap up

Overall, these New Year’s Eve superstitions are an experience you need to have. Let us know if you have followed these Traditional Romanian food superstitions and how they have worked for you regarding bringing luck and abundance into your life and household! Reach us on our social media below and tell us your story!

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