Romanian food blog snacks you must try and how to pick the best snack for you!

Experience the flavor – Romanian snacks you must try and how to pick the best snack for you!

Searching for the perfect treat might be tough when there is such a big market for Romanian snacks. From salty flavors to finger-licking Romanian sweets, we are here to give you the beginner’s guide to picking the best one for you, depending on your preference on flavor, intensity, and texture.

Sweet Flavors

To start, let us introduce a favorite Romanian snack of many, Magura. Why is it a favorite? Because it is a chocolate-covered fluffy cake which tastes like a dream! Does it not ring a bell? This Romanian snack comes in many flavors for you to try out and get familiar with, such as milk, cocoa, apricot, strawberry, rum, and many others! Yes, you heard us, rum! Romanian sweets, such as cakes and chocolate, are famous for having the sweet taste of rum.

Have you tried the iconic Romanian flavor of sweet rum and now cannot get enough of it? Let me introduce you to the Rom chocolate bar. This piece of candy is also part of Romanian food history, as it has been there through all the good and bad times. The wrapper of the candy resembles the colors of the Romanian flag, making it stand out in the supermarket aisle for any curious tourists looking to try new Romanian sweets.

Man-eating Romanian snacks – how to pick the best Romanian snack for you


Salty Flavors

Suddenly craving a salty and crunchy Romanian flavor? Have some Croco sticks! Choose your favorite topping between sesame seeds and generously sprinkled rock salt, because along with the adorable crocodile companion on the package, this will satisfy your crunchy needs! This Romanian snack also comes in the form of extra-long sticks or pretzels.

Moving along, the last Romanian snack on our list of must-haves is Gusto. These golden corn puffs are not what you are used to! The fluffy expanded corn will definitely tick all the boxes of a neutral, chewy Romanian snack, especially if you are not searching for an overwhelmingly flavorful bite. Gusto’s slight salty flavor is definitely part of its charm, but it does also come in a range of flavors tailored to your mood – from cheesy, to spicy and even sweet (generously covered in chocolate) for the perfect combination of your most iconic Romanian sweets and salty treats.


The wrap up

Overall, Romanian snacks are an experience you need to have. Whether you prefer salty flavors or sweet ones, this Eastern European country is here to meet all of your snacky needs with its large varieties. Lastly, now that we have gone through the main flavors, feel free to experiment with our recipes, expand your horizons and create your own snacks!

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