rRomanian Mini Twists with Jam Recipe

Mini twists with Jam

These mini twists with Jam are the best little snack to treat your guests of all ages and preferences! Simply fill them with your favorite jam or even add in your own twist by experimenting with other fillings such as chocolate, caramel, or peanut butter! 

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Mini Twists With Jam



Prep time


Cooking time




  • For Dough
  • 250g flour

  • 125g greek yogurt at least 20%

  • 3 yolks

  • 150 g butter

  • salt

  • vanilla

  • For the filling
  • 300g jam

  • 100 g vanilla powdered sugar (optional, for decoration)


  • For the dough, put in a bowl the cold butter cut into cubes, the yolks, a generous powder of salt and sour cream, vanilla, over which the whole amount of flour is added. The dough does not contain sugar. Mix either with the robot or by hand only until the ingredients are homogeneous. DO NOT knead vigorously because it will harden when baked!

  • The dough is wrapped in plastic and left to cool for an hour (then make a flatter shape to cool faster) or even overnight.

  • For the filling we prepare the jam or magiun, jam or other desired filling. You can also add poppy seeds or coconut (scalded with hot milk as in the baigli recipe), or you can mix apricot jam with walnuts or almonds, as I did. The ground walnut absorbs moisture and does not allow the jam to flow from the croissants. In addition, it gives these croissants a special taste and aroma.

  • Remove the dough from the cold and leave it on the kitchen table for 30 minutes. Divide into four and then spread, in turn, each portion on a very thin sheet.

  • From each ball we get 8 croissants. The dough should be as thin as possible. The circle will have a diameter of about 35 cm. With the pizza cutter or a knife, cut it in half first, then in quarters and once again every quarter in half. We thus obtain 8 triangles. Put the filling on one end and start rolling.

  • Roll so that we pass the dough over the filling, then with your fingers we press the ends well so that the filling cannot come out and we do the same in front, then we bend the ends lightly and roll until a croissant is formed, at which we pull the ends in front. 

  • The ends are always bent so that the "seam" (joint area) is underneath.

  • The croissants are placed on a baking sheet. I placed them on a silicone sheet. They are not anointed with anything.

  • These tender croissants with jam or magiun are baked at 170 ° C (preheated oven) for 15 minutes. If you make them smaller, decrease the baking period. If you make them bigger, they grow slightly. Before baking, prepare a bowl with vanilla powdered sugar.

  • When you take them out of the oven, use a spatula to place them directly in the vanilla powdered sugar. Do not leave it to cool at all! The colder they get, the less the powdered sugar will stick to the outside. And don't forget that the dough does not contain sugar. So you have to hurry.

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